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Handmade Products from SEVKAR!


SEVKAR Migrant Women group; It was established in 2015 with the purpose of our foundation's “Kumkapı Migrant Women Center” project in order to empower migrant and refugee women who need economic and social support and had to leave their countries due to war, conflict and serious poverty. In the years since its implementation, this group, which has been constantly trying to expand its support networks; Hundreds of women from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and African countries participated. Women involved in the project since 2015; In addition to handicraft workshops, she participated in social activities such as yoga and zumba and reached new information through seminars in fields such as psychology and law. At the same time; not only made new friends but also gained economic income with their productions. Some of them got stronger and established their own sales channels. . As the participation of women increased in the natural process, this work has continued uninterruptedly and the Charity and Solidarity Foundation Economic Enterprise was established in 2020 to support the sale of products. The Migrant Women's Group is not just a production collective. It is a social work that also offers women the opportunity to acquire new skills, access basic information and reach solidarity networks.

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