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Charity and Solidarity Foundation carries out the programs of Refugee and Immigrant Services, Disaster and Emergency Studies and Commercial Enterprise in line with its founding purpose.

Disaster and Emergency Studies

Among the founding purposes of the Charity and Solidarity Foundation is to contribute to humanitarian aid and rehabilitation efforts in case of major disasters that may occur in our country. For this purpose, the Foundation made a needs assessment with its teams in the field, first in the Elazığ earthquake (2019) and then in the Izmir earthquake (2020), Edirne refugee crisis (2020) and Kahramanmaraş earthquake (2023), and in coordination with public institutions in the Izmir and Kahramanmaraş earthquakes, the Foundation provided large-scale deliveries to those in need. provided aid.

In the event of a possible natural disaster, the situation regarding the regions and  needs analyzes are conducted and cash in-kind support to all communities affected by disasters  is provided. Within the framework of accountability, without any interest   The humanitarian support we provide varies according to the needs of the disaster area  shows. Ensuring access to hygiene and clean water in foundation disaster areas, food and  In addition to supports such as meeting basic needs, disasters  working to improve the conditions of those affected.

SEVKAR Foundation is a founding member of the Disaster Platform.


Refugee and Immigrant Services

The mission of the program is to support and empower disadvantaged refugees and immigrants, and to provide protection services by prioritizing the access of those who are more vulnerable (patients, children, the elderly, the disabled, women, LGBTI+ individuals, etc.) to the areas they need.

SEVKAR INFORMATION CENTER: Fundamental rights and services provided by the government; education,  consultancy, translation, information in accessing protection, health and shelter services  support is provided by lawyers and experienced field workers. Information and consultancy  vulnerable groups (women, children, elderly, disabled, etc.) are prioritized.  

‣ LEGAL ADVICE: Child  protection, women's protection, civil rights, refugee rights, etc. prioritizing the issues  consultancy and accompaniment support are provided. 

‣ INFORMATIVE AND AWARENESS-RICHING SESSIONS: Q&A with lawyer  sessions, fundamental rights/social  access to services and general information seminars on different themes (women's health, general rights in case of violence against women, coping with stress and trauma, etc.) are organized. 


SEVKAR Commercial Enterprise

SEVKAR Commercial Enterprise Program was founded on the needs revealed by a project implemented for migrant women in 2020. The program aims to support the sale of the products produced by supported women so that they can earn income by doing domestic production and to make their labor more visible.

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