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  • project 08 | SEVKAR

    title . project 08 date. 2035 city. Firenze to you. mural painting 500m x 500m < Back to Projects

  • project 01 | SEVKAR

    title . project 01 date . 2035 city . Madrid to you. mural painting 500m x 500m < Back to Projects

  • About Us | SEVKAR

    About Us Our story Charity and Solidarity Foundation, together with socially and economically disadvantaged groups supporting people damaged by natural disasters, wars and other social disasters; was established to provide services in Turkey in accordance with the provisions of the Turkish Civil Code dated 4121 21.08.1970, with the aim of reducing poverty and creating decent living spaces. In 2015, it gained a legal identity with the name of "Fraternity and Humanity is Essential for Society Foundation", and in 2017 it was named "Charity and Solidarity Foundation" and has been operating as an Istanbul-based non-governmental organization with the status of a foundation until today. 'Charity and Solidarity Foundation', in short, 'Sevkar Foundation'; it is known internationally as the 'Charity and Solidarity Foundation'. Since 2015, the Foundation has provided direct support in meeting the urgent humanitarian needs of refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants, in the fields of health, education and social cohesion; also provided services in Istanbul and Hatay regarding access to legal consultancy and protection mechanisms for the same groups. ​ Charity and Solidarity Foundation has a 24-member board of trustees composed of volunteer benefactors, a board of directors of 5 people, and a supervisory board of 3 people. Since its establishment, it has been continuing its activities uninterruptedly with the spirit of love and solidarity in partnership with the board of trustees, the board of directors and the team carrying out the works. Our Values Love Charity Solidarity Humanity Accountability Our Board of Directors Başkan Zeki Basatemir Başkan Yardımcısı Rinaldo Marmara Üye Yasmin İris Yağlıyan Rostomyan Üye Cemil Kundakçı Üye Marek Pusic Our Board of Directors 2023 2023 Yılı Mali Tablosunu Görüntüle 2022 2021 Yılı Mali Tablosunu Görüntüle 2021 2021 Yılı Mali Tablosunu Görüntüle Our Board of Directors Sevgi ve Kardeşlik Vakfı olarak, bağış yapmanın gönüllü bir eylem olduğuna ve paylaşmanın toplumsal dayanışmayı güçlendirdiğine inanıyoruz. STK’ların ve projelerinin halkın güvenini ve saygısını kazanması gerektiğini düşünüyor, bu bağlamda bağışçıların ve potansiyel bağışçıların güvenli bağış yapmalarını önemsiyoruz. Görüntüle Our Board of Directors 2023 2023 Faaliyet Raporunu Görüntüle 2022 2022 Faaliyet Raporunu Görüntüle 2021 2021 Faaliyet Raporunu Görüntüle 2020 2020 Faaliyet Raporunu Görüntüle 2019 2019 Faaliyet Raporunu Görüntüle 2018 2018 Faaliyet Raporunu Görüntüle Join Our Team! To volunteer for our foundation or contact us about anything, simply fill out the form below! Name Surname E-mail Message Send Thanks!

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